General FAQ

What is Field Interactive MR?

Field Interactive MR is a leading global service provider of market research (Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, and Online Research) business. We help companies get ahead and stay ahead of their competition by embracing digital transformation and adopting cutting edge technology in all three segment market research (Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Online Research.

We conduct polls on the Internet about politics, public affairs, products, brands and other topics of general interest. Field Interactive MR polls are taken by people, from United Nations countries, who have agreed to share their opinions on a wide variety of important issues. It is free to join for anyone aged 18 and above.

Please provide contact ID to whom business related queries may be addressed to?

Contact ID:

Does Field Interactive MR provide global fieldwork services?

Yes, Field Interactive MR has highly experienced project management professional worldwide. We are specialize in Public Opinion Poll, Custom Research, Survey Design, Tracking Studies, Data Collection, Syndicated Research, Omnibus Solutions, Innovation & Product Development, Brand & Communication, Customer Strategies, Shopper, Car Clinic, Mystery Shopping, Digital/Online Market Research, Qualitative

Market Research, Primary Research, Report Writing, Digital Marketing etc. For more details; please visit our website

Online Panel FAQ

What happens when I register to the Field Interactive MR panel?

As soon as you need to open registered email id and complete welcome surveys asking you questions such as your city and country of residence. We do this so that we only send you relevant surveys in the future.

Will I receive e-mail messages from anyone other than Field Interactive MR?

No. Under no circumstances will Field Interactive MR give, rent, or sell your e-mail address to anyone else or allow messages to be sent to you by third parties.

How am I told about new surveys?

Every time we have a new survey for you to complete you will receive an email telling you, and you will be able to access the survey directly from the email.

Will the survey responses I provide be confidential?

Yes. Your responses will be used only for statistical tabulations.

For what purposes is the data collected by Field Interactive MR?

Data from Field Interactive MR surveys are used by the media, the government, private and public organizations,and marketing and communications agencies to reveal and analyze public opinion.

How long is a typical Field Interactive MR survey?

Most Field Interactive MR surveys are very short and easy to understand. A typical survey is only about 20 to 30 fairly short questions in total. Occasionally, there will be longer surveys or surveys with more complex questions.

What kinds of prizes are offered for participating in surveys?

Prizes will be awarded in cash or equivalent to cash in indicated currency. Winners may be required to set up a money transfer account, as directed by the Sponsor, in order to receive their prize. Prizes are non-transferable and no substitution will be made except as provided herein at the Sponsor’s sole discretion. The Sponsor reserves the right to substitute a prize for one of equal or greater value if the designated prize should become

unavailable for any reason. Neither the Sponsor nor the Administrator shall be liable or responsible for any lost, stolen or misplaced prizes. Winners are responsible for all taxes and fees associated with prize receipt and/or use. The Sponsor reserves the right to withhold a portion of the prize to be provided to the appropriate tax authorities. The odds (chances) of winning a prize depend upon the number of eligible entries received from Panel members residing within each eligible country during each Entry Period. Limit: One (1) prize per person, per Entry Period.

Who pays for these polls?

Field Interactive MR conducts surveys for a diverse group of clients to help them better understand public views about current affairs and consumer products and brands. Many of our surveys have nothing to do with politics. We do also conduct political polls – some for clients and some on our own behalf to gauge the opinions of the public in the region. Our own polls are not written from any political viewpoint, but are meant to be social scientific efforts to read public opinion. The surveys we conduct are not intended to influence your opinions, but to measure them. Rest assured that when you answer a poll at Field Interactive MR, your privacy is secure, and your responses do make a difference.

Do I have to buy or subscribe to anything?

No. Field Interactive MR conducts only legitimate public opinion polls. You will not be asked to buy or subscribe to anything.

Where can I learn more about Field Interactive MR?

Please visit the About Field Interactive MR section of our website.

How do I leave the Field Interactive MR panel?

Whilst we hope you will enjoy being a member of our panel, should you for any reason wish to leave then please login and visit the unsubscribe page. Please note that you will forfeit any points you have in your account if you unsubscribe.

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